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07/19: Trees, Trees, Trees

07/26: Jungle – Safari

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08/09: Felted Wearables

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Graceful Needle Felted Giraffe

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Shelly Schwartz of Michigan has always loved giraffes and has sculpted them many times from clay,
but she only recently discovered needle felting on Etsy and started felting animals just a few months ago.

Shelly shares, “This giraffe is the fifth animal I needle felted, from the supplies I purchased from Living Felt. I would like to make a tiger someday, but the spots on the giraffe took so long to do that it may be a while before I get inspired for another spotted or striped animal.”
The giraffe was sculpted over a wire armature with MC-1 Felting Batts in:  Natural Cotton, Winter Grey and Black Onyx. Her spots are NZ Corriedale Toffee and her tail has black Tibetan Lamb’s wool. She is a little over 12 inches tall.

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Shelley generously shared some tips on how she used the long fibers of NZ Corriedale to make such tiny spots:

“I pulled off small amounts and rolled them into a ball, tucking in the loose fibers as I rolled them, then tacked them on with either a 38 star [felting] needle and 40 triangle depending on the size of the spots. Then I used the pink pen tool to tighten them down and smooth them better. For the mane, I only cut the fibers after I attached the mane to her neck.”

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“I love needle felting and Living Felt has made things so easy to get started and has all of the supplies and colors that I need to bring my critters to life. Thank you for inspiring me every week through your emails.” ~ Shelly

Follow Shelly on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/rainabedaina/

Felted Tree Wall Hangings

Felted Tree Wall Hanging by Nalii Padilla De-Lap Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Nalii Padilla-DeLap has some wonderful felted art that is worth seeing…we loved her Winter’s Midnight felted wall hanging.
The piece measures 12 1/2″x 17″. It is mounted with ribbon for light and easy display.

“Living and working as an artist and mother of two, I strive to bring beauty and balance into the world through my art and my life.”

See more on her etsy: NaliiOnEtsy


Felted Wall Hanging: Tree Trees

Felted Wallhanging Three Trees by Coyote Rim Studios and Featured on www.LivingFelt.com/blog
Three Trees wall hanging using wet felting techniques for the background and needle felting for adding detail to the tree and leaves.

It measures 16″ x 46″, including the hanging tabs.

“I’m a lover of aspen trees. My first ‘felted tapestry’ was a commissioned piece quite large and a little daunting. The end result was stunning, so I continue to experiment with the process resulting in more ‘tapestry work with the aspen theme.”

You can see this and more in her etsy shop:


Wet Felted Tree Vase

Wet Felted Vase in a Tree Theme by Sammie Choy and featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Sammie Choy of Hawaii has only been felting 4-months and created THIS magnificent and innovative work of fiber art.

Sammie shares, “This was felted around a resist, then shaped on a glass vase found in a second-hand store. The heavy base and ridges running up the neck of the vase made me think of a tree, so I tried it. The resist was a little taller than I might otherwise have used, because I knew I would want the extra height to cut the branches. Felted with merino wool. It was purchased as a gift for a woman who works in forestry and conservation.”

The vase is still inside the felted piece and the idea is for fresh cut flowers to emerge from between the branches…brilliant!

Tiny Needle Felted Trees by Lisa Bondurant and Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Needle Felted Evergreen Tree Ornaments

Felted Tree Ornament by Lisa Bondurant and featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Lisa Bondurant of Bondurant Mountain felted this sweet little evergreen tree theme onto felted balls that serve as Christmas ornaments.
She free-hands the designs on by needle felting wool onto the felted balls, and adds a sweet little crochet basket.

This Christmas ornament is handmade of 100% wool with a cotton crocheted basket and scented with balsam fragrance oil to add real pine scent to even artificial Christmas trees.

See more from Lisa on etsy: Bondurant Mountain Art
CLICK HERE to Go to this item on etsy


Felted Wool Painting – Lone Tree Again

Felted Wool Painting Wall Hanging LONE TREE AGAIN by Deebs on etsy and Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blogFELTED TREES WEEK!
This lovely felt painting is by “Deebs” of  Redmond, WA and is entitled “Lone Tree Again”

This is an original needlefelt ‘wool painting’ with a design size of 11″ x 14″. It is entirely done by hand with various wools on felt with art yarn.

“So, since I’m an only child, I have been artsy my whole life (gotta have something to entertain yourself with). I have worked with just about every medium there is including stained glass work. And I still love cross stitching and needlepoint. But wool and silk fibers have entered my life and taken over….my love of needlefelting grows each year.”

You can see this and similar felted paintings in her etsy shop:  Deebs on etsy

Needle Felted Trees Picture – 4 Seasons Waldorf Style

Needle Felted Trees Picture Four Seasons by Claudia Marie Felt Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Claudia Marie needle felted this wool painting, depicting the changing seasons for a Waldorf kindergarten class. It is an impressive 40″ wide. It has been needle felted in a relief style with lots of dimension; and took 2-weeks to make.

The original piece currently hangs in the early childhood classroom at DaVinci Waldorf School in Wauconda, IL where her son went to school. You can order one like it, or purchase prints in her etsy shop.

“When I was a little girl, my mom taught me the handwork arts–sewing, crochet, knitting and embroidery. I didn’t like to follow patterns, so I would just make up my own designs for doll clothes and embroidered art. Decades later, when my son went to Waldorf school, I rediscovered handwork. As a Waldorf mom, I loved crocheting and knitting animals and dolls out of soft, natural, luxurious fibers like cashmere, alpaca, angora and merino wool.

When I finally discovered needle felting, I knew I had found my artistic medium.
The world opened up for my creative muse. If I could dream it, I could do it.”

You can see this and so much more in her etsy shop:


You can also visit her page on facebook