Needle Felting Tutorial: Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Needle Felting Tutorial: Fairy Tale Pumpkin on

Try This Fun & Easy Tutorial for Needle Felting a Firm Fairy Tale Pumpkin!
For this festive little pumpkin, we used Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 Felting Batts and dyed locks.

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Regal Needle Felted Cardinal

Needle felted bird cardinal by Megan Nedds on       Megan Nedds continues to wow and inspire with her realistic needle felted animals. This glorious red, felted cardinal boasts a wing span of over 13 inches! He is felted over a wire armature and was created as a commission. Be sure to check out more from Megan right here on our blog and at her etsy shop, and on facebook where Megan often posts pictures of her sculptures in progress. Interview with Megan

Wet Felted Painting – Fall Waterfall

Wet Felted Painting by Tracey McCracken Palmer featured on

We love this fall landscape by Tracey McCracken Palmer
She did a beautiful job capturing this fall landscape and reflections in the light.

“Happy Fall, Ya’ll !! I just finished this landscape – “Autumn Cascade”,
and wanted to share it in your Fall is for Felting Fun !! Wools used are your
MC-1 Merino cross-batts in Buttercup, Foliage, True Olive,
and also Corriedale – Black, Cocoa & Butterscotch,
with some carded together for variation.
The waterfall is white merino & corriedale with White Tussah silk top for some sparkle,
and olive carded with a dark gray for shadows.
Trees are just so much fun with your cross-batts !!”

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Needle Felted Miss Witchy Casts Spells of Delight

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needle felted witch

Katherine Overlan of New Hampshire shared the marvelous Miss Witchy on our facebook page. She is needle felted with CW-1 Core Wool, Mohair Locks, and various colors of MC-1 Merino Cross felting batts for her costume, skin and pumpkin.

“My favorite sized needles are 42’s & 40’s. I used my blush to give her face some color. Sitting she’s 14 in tall. So far I have my Mother, daughter and two daughter in laws fighting over her. Its nice to be wanted!” – Katherine

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Wet Felting Autumn Leaves

Living Felt:

It’s that time again! Time for felting up some fall decorations!

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Wet felting fall leaves is a fun and adventurous process!
You can mix colors in many different hues and create something vibrant and life-like. This little tutorial should get you started!

Start with wool that will wet felt well in your chosen colors. I  like a mixture of oranges, browns, greens, purple and yellows. Try our Fall Fun Pack, or choose more colors from our MC-1Felting Batts

Start with wool that will wet felt well in your chosen colors. I  like a mixture of oranges, browns, greens, purple and yellows. Try our Fall Fun Pack, or choose more colors from our MC-1Felting Batts


A lid from a plastic storage bin is great to layout your wool, this  makes it easy to flip over and transport before wet felting. Starting  size was approx. 12″ x 13″. We created two layers by mixing  up the colors, for a…

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felted pumpkin house by Mudhollow aka Muddyfeet featured on
We were delighted to find these wee felted pumpkin houses for wee little folk on MudHollow.

They are wet felted with hand crafted accents, and filled with pure sweetness!

felted pumpkin house by Mudhollow aka Muddyfeet featured on

You can find a felted pumpkin house like this and many other delightful wonders
on their etsy shop:  MuddyFeet






Needle Felting: Jack-o-Lanterns Pincushion & Tape Measure by Sharen Johnson

needle felted pumpkins jack-o-lanterns by Sharry Johnson and featured on

Sharen Johnson of Rutledge, TN felted these amazing Jack-O-Lanterns!
She needle felted  them out of  CW-1 core wool and topped them
with dyed  Merino top wool.

“I have been listing my specialty pincushion/tape measure novelties on in the past
and they have been well received so I am excited to be back to felting once again.

I am so grateful for Living Felt’s quality products. They bring out the creative gene in me.

Next is a stackable pumpkin pincushion and tape measure. Meet Meanie, Miney and Mo.

Meanie is on the bottom and is perplexed with the heavy weights above.
Miney is holding up well and a little better natured,
but Mo is oblivious to all below and enjoying the view from the heights.
They are a pin cushion also and entirely out of Living Felt Merino wool.
The tape is hidden under the leaves on Miney and is retracted by squeezing his sides.
He really enjoys that as he considers it a hug

I am limited to dial-up internet so I cannot enjoy the video workshops to give me ideas for other felting.
I have mainly just gotten an idea in my head and grab my 3 types of needles
and poke away until my idea becomes a reality.

What a fun way to vent anxieties! These 3 projects were mainly done
with the #36Triangle needle, starting with the #38Star on the core wool.

I didn’t add armature in any of these 3. They really didn’t need it and can stand alone on the felt base.

I make sure the core wool is felted pretty solidly. I sometimes add
marbles for stability embedded in the base.”
Sharen Johnson