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Needle Felting on Recycled Yarn Bowls! ~ Lisa Semler September 23, 2010

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Felt-Embellished Yarn Bowls

Felt-Embellished Yarn Bowls

Lisa Semler of Malibu, CA is an artist who is as enthusiastic about recycling as we are! What great colors and designs Lisa, and a perfect way to use those remnant pieces! Thanks for sharing – looking forward to the next project!

“I am an artist and love to use recycled items.  I have been painting on these recycled metal shelves.  I first sand them then put stains, paint or rust them up and then paint on them but I decided this time to incorporate some of my recycled yarns.  I purchased your needles and some of your felting wool.  You can see the felting wool that I put on the blue bowl at the top.  For my next purchase I will need one of the felting needle tools that hold 6 or more needles that will help felt the bowls faster.”
Lisa Semler ~ Malibu, CA
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2 Responses to “Needle Felting on Recycled Yarn Bowls! ~ Lisa Semler”

  1. bird Says:

    Love the texture and color! What a great idea!

  2. Katie Says:

    I love these little bowls. so pretty. They look great all clustered together

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