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About July 4, 2009

mspaulding2006LIVING FELT, located in Austin, TX  was founded by Marie Spaulding, a visual artist whose preferred medium is wool and objects found in nature. What began with a passion for feltmaking and needle felting has evolved into a dream of helping to spread the crafts around the globe.

LIVING FELT is a small, family-owned company that puts heart into every product and and every order. We enjoy our work and the people it brings into our lives.

Our kits and booklets are designed for the complete beginner. We want to share felting and needle felting with the world, by making one friend at a time.

Marie’s own creations range from function to fantasy: handbags, vessels, and wall hangings to unusual wool sculptures that will capture your attention and revive your imagination. Marie uses traditional wet felting techniques and the more modern practice of needle felting in the creation of her hand made felt pieces.


18 Responses to “About”

  1. Kathleen Schnelle Says:

    I wanted to join your blog but I can’t find it anywhere. I tried and it wasn’t there so I don’t know where else to look.

    • livingfelt Says:

      It seems like you found us:

      • kimberly Says:

        Thanks to your wonderful website and supplies I have become very inspired to do more with felt.

        3 years ago a I started a series of 8 needle felted tapestries that are 54X24. I only have one more to do. I discovered your website on piece number 8 and got some great new ideas and felt to put in it… I then used your videos to learn wet felting and got all the supplies i needed and gave it a go! My last tapestry will now be made of wet felted material!

        I was also inspired by all the dolls people make! I gave it a try this christmas by a making a sock monkey…stabbed myself a plenty but it was fun!

        I just oredered foam to try some purses, got soap to make an sell a bunch of sweater soaps and plan to teach a lot of classes in this stuff!

        Thanks for your help and inspirational images from everybody!

        Go to my website to see my felted images…hope you enjoy!

        Kim Simon

      • kimberly Says:

        Sorry, for the Kimberly website to see my tapestries go to…

      • livingfelt Says:

        Hi Kimberly, thank you for the lovely note! We want to see your pictures but the link is not working.
        Can you send the link via email via cut and paste from your browser?

  2. Laura Burke Says:

    Hi Marie,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s fantastic. I’d love it if you link to my blog too. Hope you received your ornament. Happy holidays and felting!


  3. Asun Says:

    Hello I like all things that you do.

  4. cherie alexander Says:

    Hello Marie,
    I like your site. I would like to have a tutorial on terms and their uses i.e. nuno felt, etc.
    Thanks !

  5. Ruth Sayers Says:

    Hello Marie. I was just browsing the photos sent by other needlefelters and got inspired. Had been wondering what I would do today. Now, I know. LOL

    One question. What is the process of sending in photos of my finished work? How, and where? I do not see any upload button.

    Have a great day.

  6. Mary Says:

    Your work is great… so real looking… bravo!

  7. ginger l. may Says:

    love to felt….i have an alpaca farm and love experimenting ….everyone has such wonderful ideas on this website….love, love, love it……ginger

  8. Tonya Says:

    Can someone tell me what mega filzer is – or where I might find out. Thanks

  9. Amy Says:

    Hi Marie–

    Great site here–I love looking at everyone’s work. Do you have a place for 2-d felting–wallhangings, scarves, clothing?


    • livingfelt Says:

      Hi Amy,

      We have the functional category which is where we have been putting clothing, purses, etc…I suppose we couls start “wearables” and “wall art”….now just need the time to hunt through the entries :O)

  10. Just received my latest pkg. from you, thank you. I added a couple flowers, with stem&leaves. Hubby thought I was just buying & storing. Had a scarf & used that to prove. Question/ do I punch only center & enough around edges to attach to scarf??? Have small purses to do for valentines ! Craft till you drop! Susan J

    • livingfelt Says:

      Hi Susan, so glad to hear your supplies are manifesting into real goodies :)
      I am not quite clear on your question, waht are you attaching, the flowers? Depending on the bulk, and where they are on the scarf, you can either needle felt or sew. If they are big and dimensional, I would sew on for stability.

      Hope that helps!

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