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Needle Felted Dust Bunnies :O) by Kristen E. Higgins – Boston, MA January 28, 2012

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Dust Bunnies

“I LOVE felting because it’s like “sculpting”.

“I started needle felting a year ago and haven’t been able to stop since!

I fall in love with my pieces and don’t want to part with them.
I have a 6 1/2 year old son, Miles. I read him classic books including Wind In The Willows, Rumpelstiltskin,
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory to name a few.
I have felted characters from these books!
As I felt and afterwards, these felted characters come alive and have long conversations with with my son.
They have a lot of personality ; )

…I love your company and have shopped there and I visit it every day, Thank you!”

Kristen E. Higgins – Boston, MA


Amazing Needle Felted Fox by Mary Sheiko of Belarus!

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This amazing fox was sent to us by Mary Sheiko of Belarus. (near Poland &Russia)
We love how animated and expressive he is! On the detail photo, you can see
that the eye and tongue seem to made from polymer clay. Such detail down to the claws
and notches in the ears. Look for more from Mary!


Peter Rabbit – a FIRST Felt! by Leslie Hite of Baton Rouge, LA

A FIRST FELT by Leslie Hite of Baton Rouge, LA
“I just started needle felting last week. This is my first piece and I decided to start with Peter Rabbit.
The jacket was the hardest part, but all in all it was very fun.”


Sweet Needle Felted Chickadees by Christina Northam of IL

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“I first discovered needle felting in late August. I took to it like a duck to water, and have purchased all of my supplies from
Living Felt since the first kit I got a Renaissance Fair. I have been making soap and candles to sell at craft shows for years,
but I love having a creative outlet that I can take anywhere with me, rather than having to be locked away in my lab in the basement for hours at a time. I have even needle felted at the airport, where people thought I was doing voodoo!

These chickadees are life size, and were made with Merino cross felting batts in black, silver mist, light camel, and bright white.
I always use your core batting for my designs, and that is under the color here and also overlaid on their chests to get that fade.

I figure chickadees are winter birds, and the two of them together is romantic so it hits on both the winter and the heart theme for the month. The one bird has wire feet, the other does not, but they are not connected to the nest as you can see from the photo
of the bird in my hand. I always wanted to be like Snow White where the wild animals would come sit with me -
this is the closest I will get, I think!”

- Christina Northam of Fox River Grove, Illinois


Needle Felting and Wet Felting – Wonderful Felted Slippers by Shelley Gerber November 6, 2011

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  We are delighted with these sweet hand felted slippers by Shelley Gerber of San Diego, California and share them with
you as great inspiration for holiday gifts and guests! Felting over a resist is fun and a slipper shape is easy
to work with. For resist material, some people like cardboard or cereal boxes and some like heavy duty 6mil plastic.

Here at Living Felt, we use thick, rubbery material often used to line shelves…but without any holes.
Trace around your foot to get the proper size, then give yourself 1/4 to 1/2 inch extra to allow for shrinkage.



Once the felt is holding together (remember your pinch test) and you have a soft felt, cut out the resist.
Shaping can be done by hand, on a bamboo blind, rigid mat, wash board or even a plastic lid or tray that has ridges.

Have fun make your own booties and slippers this winter…and be sure to send us pictures!


Wet Felting: Lovely Millefiori Beads by Georgina Phillips October 3, 2011

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We love these felt beads made by Georgina, they look perfectly symmetrical and very
well felted. We’d love to see your holiday themed beads as well! Send us a pic!

“This fall I have been making felt beads, quite a lot of them.
I wanted to use the same technique as I do for making polymer clay
beads – the millefiori cane technique. After a lot of hard work and with
the help of your mesh fabric that kept all the fibre beautifully in place,
I’ve made some great wet felted flower beads!”

Kind regards,
Georgina  — Cornwall, UK


Needle Felting: Jack-o-Lanterns Pincushion & Tape Measure by Sharen Johnson October 2, 2011

Sharen Johnson of Rutledge, TN felted these amazing Jack-O-Lanterns!

“I have been listing my specialty pincushion/tape measure novelties on in the past
and they have been well received so I am excited to be back to felting once again.

I am so grateful for Living Felt’s quality products. They bring out the creative gene in me.

Next is a stackable pumpkin pincushion and tape measure. I needle felted
them out of the same great Merino core wool and topped them with dyed
Merino top wool
. Meet Meanie, Miney and Mo.

Meanie is on the bottom and is perplexed with the heavy weights above.
Miney is holding up well and a little better natured,
but Mo is oblivious to all below and enjoying the view from the heights.
They are a pin cushion also and entirely out of Living Felt Merino wool.
The tape is hidden under the leaves on Miney and is retracted by squeezing his sides.
He really enjoys that as he considers it a hug

I am limited to dial-up internet so I cannot enjoy the video workshops to give me ideas for other felting.
I have mainly just gotten an idea in my head and grab my 3 types of needles
and poke away until my idea becomes a reality.

What a fun way to vent anxieties! These 3 projects were mainly done
with the #36Triangle needle,starting with the #38Star on the core wool.

I didn’t add armature in any of these 3. They really didn’t need it and can stand alone on the felt base.

I make sure the core wool is felted pretty solidly. I sometimes add
marbles for stability embedded in the base.

Thanks for looking at my latest efforts,
Sharen Johnson


Needle Felting – Adorable Needle Felted Golf Cart by Lee Humphrey September 17, 2011

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We fell in love with this adorable and DETAILED needle felted golf cart created by Lee Humphrey. She needle felted this with Living  Felt Merino Cross Batts, and here is what she had to say about it:

 “My summer neighbors have a golf cart.  As soon as they get to the cottage they get it out and are on the go.  Their now two year old son loves it  and is usually sandwiched between them on the seat.  It has a pipe cleaner armature with straws so the wheels will go around.  Black, white, three grays from your natural pack, and Katie and I think Chianti from your fun pack are the wool colors.”


Felting & Needle Felting: Living Felt International Felting Contest August 20, 2011

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Just 2 weeks left to enter the 2nd Annual Living Felt International Felting Contest!! We are hoping for more Dr. Seuss Inspired entries…all entries that are coming in are really fun!  If you are “still thining about it”, jump in! and have FUN with it! Winners will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine! More on the contest at the link below, please share with a friend


Needle Felting: Adorable First Needle Felted Bear by Kiersten Marie August 8, 2011

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We love this needle felted bear by Kiersten Marie…this is her very first bear and was made with the Living Felt Needle Felting a Bear Kit. Now that she has some basic skills learned….we can only wait to see what she will felt up next!


“Hi!  I wanted to send in my photo of the bear I made with the “Needle Felting Bear with String Joints” kit. I was very pleased with him as my first attempt at needle felting. I have since made a few more of my own creations.

Thanks so much for helping me to begin my needle felting hobby!”

Sincerely, Kiersten Marie



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