Regal Needle Felted Cardinal

Needle felted bird cardinal by Megan Nedds on       Megan Nedds continues to wow and inspire with her realistic needle felted animals. This glorious red, felted cardinal boasts a wing span of over 13 inches! He is felted over a wire armature and was created as a commission. Be sure to check out more from Megan right here on our blog and at her etsy shop, and on facebook where Megan often posts pictures of her sculptures in progress. Interview with Megan

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on

The Wonderful Felted Dolls of Egle Apanaviciene

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on

We recently had a chance to visit with Egle Apanaviciene who lives in Lithuania.
She is a graduate in fashion design and besides her felting, she creates wedding dresses. It was as a fashion student that she discovered felting and began creating gifts for special occasions.

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on

About her dolls, Egle says:
“When I start the process I do not have a clear vision of the result but have great satisfaction in my work.”

“Each doll is unique. I put not only work in them but also sentiment and love. That is why it is hard to part with them. Mostly I give them as gifts to special people.”

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on

Egle may spend up to 2 or even 3 months to create one doll, she shares,
“It takes a lot of patience but the results are always rewarding.”

For her own personal goals, Egle says she wants to “excel” and she feels “the creations in wool are limitless.”

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on

Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on
Her encouraging words for others who are interested in needle felting:

“Patience and more patience. It is most important for me not only he result but the process of achieving it. And this process is the most satisfying creative reward.”

You can follow her online via her facebook page:


Egle Apanaviciene Needle Felted Dolls featured on


Beautiful Needle Felted Frog

Giovanna Montalbetti Needle Felted Frog on

Giovanna Montalbetti

An amazing needle felted frog sculpture from our friend Giovanna Montalbetti in Barcelona, Spain.
“This is my latest piece, a birthday frog for my Mom. She collects frogs and toads
but I hadn’t felted her a realistic frog yet so… The green I achieved by mixing Lima Bean, Olive
and Garden Ivy merino top fibres. I used some spare orange wool from a LF slipper kit to do the belly
and toe shading. Although I usually felt eyes too, this time I settled for some spare plastic ones
I had around in order to give the piece some extra shine.”

Mountain Lion – Brother Cougar Needle Felted Wall Hanging

Sandra-Bell-Guardian-Lion on

Sandra Bell

Sandra Bell of Florida literally just started felting…in JULY of this year.
We remember the day she called and ordered a beginner kit for needle felting,
then the basic needle felting starter kit and more supplies including felting needles and an earth tones pack.

Since then she has stocked her studio with an impressive array of wool and tools,
including the coveted Studio Builder ….and just look what she has made!

Mountain Lion – Brother Cougar is needle felted with Living Felt Merino wool and roving.
Also used are feathers, leather, grapevine wreath, glass eyes, hemp cord and needle.
Brother Cougar as shown is the guardian of sleeping children; the colored needle felted necklace
has been soaked in aroma therapy oil and can be removed and placed on the child for safety throughout the day.”

Whimsical Felted Art of Lala & Gleen

Angela Melanson Lala & Gleen Featured on
Angela Melanson is the artist at Lala & Gleen Productions; we love the whimsy and humor she brings to her felted pictures and other art works. Angela says ” I am lucky to spend my creative life in Nova Scotia, Canada living amongst the Acadian Forest and its’ woodland creatures. It is from this vantage point where I find great inspiration – the native rabbits and birds as well as imagined creatures keep my mind full of ideas with a longing to understand the relationship between humans, animals and the environment.”
Angela Melanson of Lala and Gleen Needle Felted Picture - Bike Featured on

Angela is a formally trained textile artist and self-taught painter  — her works included felted art, textile art and paintings.  “Each piece I create is made with the environment in mind by using recycled materials, locally grown wool, or water based paints & inks. All art created by me is made using healthy art practices.”

Angela Melanson Lala & Gleen Needle Felted Art Featured on

Rituals of the Every Day

You can see more from Angela, follow her and even request a commission:

on facebook:
her blog:

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Graceful Needle Felted Giraffe

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Shelly Schwartz of Michigan has always loved giraffes and has sculpted them many times from clay,
but she only recently discovered needle felting on Etsy and started felting animals just a few months ago.

Shelly shares, “This giraffe is the fifth animal I needle felted, from the supplies I purchased from Living Felt. I would like to make a tiger someday, but the spots on the giraffe took so long to do that it may be a while before I get inspired for another spotted or striped animal.”
The giraffe was sculpted over a wire armature with MC-1 Felting Batts in:  Natural Cotton, Winter Grey and Black Onyx. Her spots are NZ Corriedale Toffee and her tail has black Tibetan Lamb’s wool. She is a little over 12 inches tall.

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Shelley generously shared some tips on how she used the long fibers of NZ Corriedale to make such tiny spots:

“I pulled off small amounts and rolled them into a ball, tucking in the loose fibers as I rolled them, then tacked them on with either a 38 star [felting] needle and 40 triangle depending on the size of the spots. Then I used the pink pen tool to tighten them down and smooth them better. For the mane, I only cut the fibers after I attached the mane to her neck.”

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

“I love needle felting and Living Felt has made things so easy to get started and has all of the supplies and colors that I need to bring my critters to life. Thank you for inspiring me every week through your emails.” ~ Shelly

Follow Shelly on etsy: