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Needle Felted Dust Bunnies :O) by Kristen E. Higgins – Boston, MA January 28, 2012

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Dust Bunnies

“I LOVE felting because it’s like “sculpting”.

“I started needle felting a year ago and haven’t been able to stop since!

I fall in love with my pieces and don’t want to part with them.
I have a 6 1/2 year old son, Miles. I read him classic books including Wind In The Willows, Rumpelstiltskin,
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory to name a few.
I have felted characters from these books!
As I felt and afterwards, these felted characters come alive and have long conversations with with my son.
They have a lot of personality ; )

…I love your company and have shopped there and I visit it every day, Thank you!”

Kristen E. Higgins – Boston, MA


Amazing Needle Felted Fox by Mary Sheiko of Belarus!

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This amazing fox was sent to us by Mary Sheiko of Belarus. (near Poland &Russia)
We love how animated and expressive he is! On the detail photo, you can see
that the eye and tongue seem to made from polymer clay. Such detail down to the claws
and notches in the ears. Look for more from Mary!


Peter Rabbit – a FIRST Felt! by Leslie Hite of Baton Rouge, LA

A FIRST FELT by Leslie Hite of Baton Rouge, LA
“I just started needle felting last week. This is my first piece and I decided to start with Peter Rabbit.
The jacket was the hardest part, but all in all it was very fun.”


Sweet Needle Felted Chickadees by Christina Northam of IL

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“I first discovered needle felting in late August. I took to it like a duck to water, and have purchased all of my supplies from
Living Felt since the first kit I got a Renaissance Fair. I have been making soap and candles to sell at craft shows for years,
but I love having a creative outlet that I can take anywhere with me, rather than having to be locked away in my lab in the basement for hours at a time. I have even needle felted at the airport, where people thought I was doing voodoo!

These chickadees are life size, and were made with Merino cross felting batts in black, silver mist, light camel, and bright white.
I always use your core batting for my designs, and that is under the color here and also overlaid on their chests to get that fade.

I figure chickadees are winter birds, and the two of them together is romantic so it hits on both the winter and the heart theme for the month. The one bird has wire feet, the other does not, but they are not connected to the nest as you can see from the photo
of the bird in my hand. I always wanted to be like Snow White where the wild animals would come sit with me -
this is the closest I will get, I think!”

- Christina Northam of Fox River Grove, Illinois


Needle Felting: Adorable First Needle Felted Bear by Kiersten Marie August 8, 2011

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We love this needle felted bear by Kiersten Marie…this is her very first bear and was made with the Living Felt Needle Felting a Bear Kit. Now that she has some basic skills learned….we can only wait to see what she will felt up next!


“Hi!  I wanted to send in my photo of the bear I made with the “Needle Felting Bear with String Joints” kit. I was very pleased with him as my first attempt at needle felting. I have since made a few more of my own creations.

Thanks so much for helping me to begin my needle felting hobby!”

Sincerely, Kiersten Marie


Needle Felting: Beautiful Needle Felted Gryphon by Ally Loughrin August 7, 2011

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Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany shared with us her wonderful Gryphon and this sweet note. We’re glad you are finally
getting to use your supplies, Ally…and keep having fun …we look forward to more pictures of your creations!

 “Hello! A while back, my wonderful husband bought me a gift certificate to Living Felt for my birthday. I picked up many fun and exciting things, but unfortunately an overseas move prevented me from enjoying my new wool immediately. Recently, I was reunited with my craft supplies here in Germany. I just finished felting this little guy using the sky and royal blue Corridale wool from Living Felt. I really enjoyed how this wool behaved, especially when it came time to do his mane! It was so easy to root and irresistibly fluffy now that it’s finished. This little gryphon is a part of a “Monsters and Mythology” series I’m needle felting. I hope to use many more Living Felt products as I go!

Thank you for the wool and the wonderful newsletter!”

Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany


Needle Felting: Lovely Lulu by Donna Brau August 4, 2011

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Also featured in our newsletter this past week, we are happy to present to you Lulu!
 She was needle felted by Donna Brau of Willmar, Minnesota.

Donna reports, “Lulu was made using only needle felting and exclusively made
from Living Felt Merino Cross Batts, White (body) and Black (eyes), and LF NZ Corriedale, Lemon (I think)”.

From her bottom to the top she is about 11.5″ tall.”


Needle Felting: Beautiful needle felted dog by Susan Fraser

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 Susan Fraser of West Groton, MA sent in this photo of her lovely needle felted dogs. They look so stately on the window sill, and really nicely felted. Not only are they crafted well, but the dimensions and postures look perfect! Beautifully done, Susan! The wool used here is our Merino Cross Batt in MC-1 Linen. You can also try MC-2 Fleshtone,  or  MC-1 Latte.


Needle Felting: Cute Felted Kitten by Sue Sizemore July 28, 2011

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 needle felted kitten

Sue Sizemore has a knack for making cutie pies that fit in the palm of your hand,
like this adorable little kitten! :)

“This is my latest felted kitty, a kitten felted out of light gray and dark gray and pebble colored wool batt ( my favorite felting wool is the batts you have!) the felted eyes and thread whiskers . she has her little legs tucked in under her chest. she measures about 3.5″ long and 2.5″ tall at the top of her head.   …off to make more ; )”

Needle Felted Bunny, bears and mouse


  Sue Sizemore  Vancouver, WA



Needle Felting – Adorable Tree Sloth by Laurie Magnabosco July 16, 2011

Needle Felting ANIMALS - baby sloth
Laurie Magnabosco of Everett, WA shared her cute baby sloth photo!
This little guy is needle felted using the Earth Tones Pack from Living Felt.


The Earth Tones Pack has a great selection of earthy colors for your amazing creations.
Check out our many shades of earthy colors in MC-1 and MC-2 Merino Cross Batts!



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