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Felting & Needle Felting: Living Felt International Felting Contest August 20, 2011

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Just 2 weeks left to enter the 2nd Annual Living Felt International Felting Contest!! We are hoping for more Dr. Seuss Inspired entries…all entries that are coming in are really fun!  If you are “still thining about it”, jump in! and have FUN with it! Winners will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine! More on the contest at the link below, please share with a friend


Needle Felting: Beautiful Needle Felted Gryphon by Ally Loughrin August 7, 2011

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Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany shared with us her wonderful Gryphon and this sweet note. We’re glad you are finally
getting to use your supplies, Ally…and keep having fun …we look forward to more pictures of your creations!

 “Hello! A while back, my wonderful husband bought me a gift certificate to Living Felt for my birthday. I picked up many fun and exciting things, but unfortunately an overseas move prevented me from enjoying my new wool immediately. Recently, I was reunited with my craft supplies here in Germany. I just finished felting this little guy using the sky and royal blue Corridale wool from Living Felt. I really enjoyed how this wool behaved, especially when it came time to do his mane! It was so easy to root and irresistibly fluffy now that it’s finished. This little gryphon is a part of a “Monsters and Mythology” series I’m needle felting. I hope to use many more Living Felt products as I go!

Thank you for the wool and the wonderful newsletter!”

Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany


Needle Felting: Great! Needle Felted Character Dolls by Deb Koch August 6, 2011

We fell in love with these wonderfully felted and entertaining characters
needle felted by Deb Koch of Fenton, MI. Notice the detail on Darby O’Gill, complete with
buttons on his jacket, hat and walking stick. Add the lovely mounting on this found object
of natural wood and you have a truly lovely composition.

I would like to share a couple of my sculptures with you.

This first is Garden T. Gnome … he lives in the garden of Mrs Humpplewump but is also entrusted with guarding
the first stair to her home.  He’s a very trustworthy gnome!

I used a floral wire armature so he is free standing and your Merino Cross blend wools  and curls for his clothes and beard. The merino cross blend is my favorite to work with!

The second is Darby O’Gill .. he’s been roaming over hill and dale in search of the little people!  Again, a floral wire armature was used with your Merino Cross wool and your wool curls.  I fingered the curls a bit to get his wonderful moustache formed just the way I wanted!  He’s posed with his walking stick on a piece of Oak tree bark. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Deb Koch – Fenton, Michigan


Needle Felting: Darling Needle Felted Dolls by Irene Screiber July 16, 2011

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needle felted dolls - friends with dreads

Irene Screiber crafted these spirited dolls with felting wool…notice their “dreadlocks”, bead adornments and lovely painted faces.
To make your own doll like this, start by needle felting a cone shape.  The dreadlock tops can be wet felted, but leave the base dry
and unfelted so you can needle felt it onto the doll. Paint the face onto fabric and glue or stitch onto your doll.


Needle Felting: This Neopolitan Dragon will steal your heart! by Elle Bradlin May 20, 2011

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Each week we receive emails and photos from our felting friends…and they mean more to us than we can convey!
Like this letter from Elle … and her irrestably ADORABLE needle felted dragon….it is amazing that she is just getting started with needle felting…what will she think of next?

I randomly stumbled on needle felting while browsing on Etsy,
just had to know what it was about and found Living Felt.
Since then I’ve lost count of all the things I’d like to make from wool!

“Here are pictures of my first critter that survived my kitten (who also loves wool, or maybe hates it, same end result),
Neopolitan is the first in my dessert dragon series, he’s due for a big brother (Mixed Berry dragon), and  has sister somewhere 3/4 of the way ready :P  I used Living Felt variety needle pack, 5″x5″ needle felting foam, merino cross batts and core wool.

It’s a pleasure to do business with you guys,
the shipping times are unreal, nice selection of fibers/colors/needles, available instructions
and awesomely friendly way you relate to your customers!

Thank you so much for a fantastic new hobby!”

love, Elle Bradlin
Apache Junction, AZ


Needle Felting: Stunning Mushroom House by Lucky Nielsen

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Some creations just stop you in your tracks and cause you to say “Wow”.
That’s how we feel about Lucky Nielsen’s mushroom house.
Needle felted to perfection – we hope it serves as a model to aspire to –
smooth, evenly felted with great care taken on detail.

“I love your products! Here is a picture of one of my needle felted creations.
Right now I am working on multiple pieces for a local gallery.”
- Lucky Nielsen


Needle Felting – Little Tonberry by Sharon Gauthier of Canada April 9, 2011

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Needle Felting -  Tonberry Monster
Needle Felting – Tonberry Monster

Sharon Gauthier of Canada just began needle felting in December of 2010
so she is quite pleased with this little rendition of  TONBERRY which
is a gift. She tells us he is quite dangerous :O)

The Tonberry is a rather dangerous, but diminutive monster encountered in the Final Fantasy series. I am a big fan of those games and this little doll is very special as he was a gift for a cousin that I consider a brother. :)
He took me two hours to make, he is made of 95% wool from Living Felt: The blade of his knife and the “metal” parts of his lantern were wool from a local store.”


Sharon began her supplies with our core wool, a Merino Cross Goody Pack, a metal 4-needle felting tool, (this little guy would require a single felting needle or the pen tool, and a 10 x 10 Earth Harmony Foam which is a great size felting surface. 


Darling Elf Doll Needle Felted from Alpaca Fibers! ~ Nancy Shelton February 9, 2011

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Needle Felted Doll

Needle Felted Doll


Nancy Shelton needle felted this cute little guy using alpaca fibers courtesy of her own animals at ‘Alpaca on the Rocks’, in Weed, CA. Too cute Nancy! And I love the natural tone of that alpaca!


“I use Living Felt needles and biodegradable foam- love that.  I make creatures of my own design out of alpaca fiber. The eyes also are fiber. This one I call Elwood.”
Nancy Shelton ~ Weed, CA




Needle Felted Dragon and Pegasus! ~ Michelle Houston January 19, 2011

Needle Felted Dragon

Needle Felted Dragon

Needle Felted Pegasus

Needle Felted Pegasus

Michelle Houston of Ontario, Canada, showed us her fine needle felting prowess with these lovely creatures of fantasy she made for her son and daughter! The dragon looks fiery with colors from the Summer Flowers studio pack and the Pegasus is a dream in white Merino Cross.  Thank you Michelle! They are beautiful!


Nautical Needle Felting! A Lovely Mermaid Doll ~ by Michelle Bowman November 17, 2010

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Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll


This marvelous sea maiden was needle felted by Michelle Bowman of Westminster, CO. What a great memento of your trip! She’s truly beautiful. And I love that you used the wrapping from the wire armature – how ingenious!  thank you Michelle!

“Hi Marie and friends.  Here are some pics of the doll I made from the doll felting kit.

I started this project while on vacation in HI (sometimes, in order to have time to craft, I just have to leave home and distractions behind!).  So, the doll became a mermaid project. I didn’t get to finish her there, but I brought back some sand, and my mermaid has sand in her hair from that trip. Her jewelry is freshwater pearls, glass beads (to represent sea glass) and gold and silver metallic beads.You’ll think this is funny–the green tendrils in her hair are the wraps from the covered wire in the kit! It’s been fun to look at different threads and textiles and wonder, ‘How can I use that in a felting project?’ Tee hee!

The kit and instructions were wonderful!! Very well written and presented. I appreciated the videos also; they helped a lot. It was especially helpful to have good instructions for the eyes and the hands. I’ve had such fun creating with your supplies! Thanks for everything!!”

Michelle Bowman ~ Westminster, CO




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