One-of-A-Kind Jacket with Felted Surface Design

One-of-A-Kind Jacket with Felted Surface Design

One-of-A-Kind Jacket with Felted Surface Design

Paula Grill is a designer from Wilmington, IL. She displays and sells her one-of- a- kind jackets at art fairs around the midwest. No two  are alike, and they are designed to  fit most people. She used wool purchased from Living Felt I used  on top of a wool melton that she hand dyed and needlefelted to enhance the feel of a flower garden.

She does not have a website or we would send you to it! What a gorgeous and elegant jacket!

9 thoughts on “One-of-A-Kind Jacket with Felted Surface Design

  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love. That jacket is to die for. What talent. Wish I would run into her at a show I go too. I too am from the midwest and attend shows. Not that I could afford one, but would love to drool.


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am actually new to felting but a long designer and artist.

      If you would like any more info. about my jackets, please feel to drop me a line. I can always email more photos.

      Keep in mind these are all one of kind. So once this jacket sells
      that is it for that jacket.

      Thank you again!!!!!!!
      Paula Grill


  2. This jacket is utterly amazing!!! You have to let us girls on the west coast know how we can get one. Beautiful talent!!



    • Thank you so very much!
      I am new to this felting but I do like to do functional pieces!

      If you are interested in aeeing anyother pieces I can always email you more photos.

      They are sized to fit most and all for sale.

      If you would like any other info, send me an email.
      My website is coming soon

      Thanks again


      • Hi Paula,
        There is a wonderful arts/crafts show on the west coast that comes to the LA area (in Santa Monica near the beach) twice a year, in spring and again in November that has the most incredible artists displaying and selling their work. It is also in San Francisco. It is quite large and held indoors. Their list of artists displaying this year includes many fiber artists. You can check it out at


  3. Incredible, Paula. As a photographer and artisan, I think this is one of the best combinations of both worlds I’ve ever seen. I’m just beginning in felting; I have 2 alpacas and 2 angora goats and designs running around in the back of my head, for when I have more time. Doing something even close to what you’ve done will be my goal!


  4. thanks so much!!!!!!!!!! New to felting too!

    Love the idea of the alpaca and goats! I have always wanted to add more critters here. But 3 dogs and 14 cats I can
    not add to the family!

    Being an artist and photographer your comments mean alot.

    If you have any more questions about price or size, or would like to see more just drop me a line.
    Thank you again
    Paula grill


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