A Family of Felters Needle Felting Together! ~ the Steve Kemp Family


Needle Felted Totoro

Needle Felted Totoro

Needle Felted Penguin

Needle Felted Penguin


Thanks for sharing Steve! It’s great to hear that you and your entire family have caught the felting bug! Uh-oh! Sounds like you are in good company!

“The Living Felt package arrived this morning and we couldn’t wait to get started!My eldest daughter has been making little animals all day and after work (and school) my son and I made the two animals you see in the pictures, our first attempts. My youngest daughter loves Hayao Miyazaki movies so my first felting attempt is an “homage” to a Totoro, my son used Jackie Huang‘s instruction booklet I bought in San Francisco to make his little penguin.
P.s. As I write, my wife is making a charming little cow.¬†Felting is officially a hit craft in the Kemp household.”

Steve Kemp ~ Fairfax, VA

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