Lovely Little Lambs From New Felter Jeanne Deschenes!

Needle Felted Sheep

Needle Felted Sheep

Needle Felted Sheep

Needle Felted Sheep

Although a little dubious of needle felting at first, Jeanne Deschenes of Boston, MA needle felted these little cuties as a reminder of Ireland, her “favorite place in the whole world”. And now that she’s tried it she’s hooked!

“Mother nature decided to step in and dump about a foot and a half of snow [so] I had to wait an extra day for the treasured box, but I finally got it and let me tell you…..I have been in heaven ever since!  I put a photo of a sheep in front of me on my computer, watched about 4 or 5 videos on You Tube and went to town.  His legs are a little shorter than I’d like and I didn’t have any pipe cleaners at first so I used 2 bread bag twisty things!  It worked and with a lot of stabbing and working with the felt and using the picture as a guide, I have my little sheep!  I used the wool from the Monochrome set and I have to tell you, it is some of the softest wool I have ever touched.  And the colors are really pretty for grays and black and white.  I made a second one too.  He’s bigger (I got pipe cleaners!) and he’s white with little black feet.

So a BIG THANK YOU to you for your huge selection of wool, the projects look like so much fun I can’t wait to try them and the colors of the wools are some of the prettiest I have seen.  I think I’ve found a craft to keep me interested for years to come and I will be coming back over and over again!”

Jeanne Deschenes ~ Boston, MA

2 thoughts on “Lovely Little Lambs From New Felter Jeanne Deschenes!

  1. Hey, Jeanne, I love your sheep! I have had pretty good luck with my first attempts at little animals (cats and dog), but a sheep I attempted for a friends wasn’t SO great. Your sheep was kind of what I was aiming for- way to go!!!!

    Jacqui Denomme
    London, Ontario, Canada


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