Stunning Alpaca Needle Felted Hat!! ~ Terry and Dena Holtz



Needle Felted Hat

Needle Felted Hat


Wow, this hat is truly amazing! I can almost feel the textures just by looking at it in a photo! You two definitely ARE artists!  Try and snag a few more photos before those next hats fly out the door!

“My husband, Terry Holtz and I, Dena Kotka-Holtz bought the Needle
felting foam
, 36 gauge felting needles and a felting needle attachment for our
sewing machine
so that we could make felted  “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats”. We

loved the felting foam that we could shape into sizes we need for those hard to
reach areas.
We have made several of these beautiful “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats”, and as
soon as we finish one, it gets sold. I was fortunate enough to have taken
photos before they sold.
The “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats” are made from the wool of our very own
alpacas. I really enjoy making them and coming up with new designs for each hat.
It feels like a work of art.”

Terry Holtz and  Dena Kotka-Holtz ~ Wellington, CO

4 thoughts on “Stunning Alpaca Needle Felted Hat!! ~ Terry and Dena Holtz

  1. Wow, really a amazing work of millinery! I am very interesting how you worked with the needlefelting attachment for the sewing machine! What kind of machine did you use? I have been considering buying a used machine to convert to a felting machine. The motors in older machines can be so much stronger and heavy duty than new ones. I think it be worth it for the better motor than than more needles than dedicated felting machines offer?????


    • I agree, if you can purchase a sewing machine with a powerful motor. The sewing machine that I applied the attachement to was a Brother model XL-5340. Newer and lighter and seems to be working fine for needle felting. We use needle felting to give our hats a special texture and design.


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