Lovely Nuno Felted Wall Hanging ~ Lisa Dietz


nuno felted flowers

nuno felted flowers

Lisa Dietz of Golden Valley, MN, nuno felted this gorgeous wall panel as a nuno felting experiment. I’d say it was a huge success, Lisa! It’s simply beautiful!  I’m glad you were able to achieve the final look you wanted with the needle felting finish work. Wool is so versatile and can be used so many ways –  never stop experimenting! There is never only “one way” to felt! We love it!

“Hello Felting Friends,This year I got a small local grant to complete a series of 8 panels that I want to nuno-felt. I’ve read tons about nuno felting, but hadn’t actually “intentionally” done it. So I created this wallhanging of purple flowers with loose scrim to see how it would go. It’s been sitting here but it was still fuzzy and things were fallingoff a little, even though I did some stitching. I think it’s because I nuno-felted the background and then came back and felted the flowers on top. I didn’t want to do any more stitching because I wanted to retain the felted look so I just stitched outlines. (I dye my own silk and wool roving.) I’ve had a perception that needle-felting was somehow “cheating.” But finally, I decided, what the heck, and ordered needles from your site. I went back to it to “tie-up” all the fuzzy, droopy parts and I’m glad I did. I don’t think the needle-felting detracted in any way from the piece, but made it look more “professional.” After that, I glued on some beads and buttons and Ithink I can finally say, ‘it’s done’.”

Lisa Dietz ~ Golden Valley, MN

One thought on “Lovely Nuno Felted Wall Hanging ~ Lisa Dietz

  1. Fabulous! Felting has no boundaries and few rules! I find it one of the ultimate forms of creative expression. There is something new to be learned with every piece that we do, which I think is what makes this medium so exciting.


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