Needle Felting: Happy Pig by Sandy Pape

Needle Felted Pig with NZ Corriedale
Sandy Pape originally wrote to us after needle felting this adorable pig.
Below is her original message:
I am very new to needle felting and want very much to sculpt my pet pot belly pig Dudley and hopefully, many other little piggies!  I purchased a bag of your core wool for the pigs body and is was so easy to use.  Then when I started applying the pigs color with your New Zealand Corriedale Roving/Sliver, it was much harder to work with.  Am I using the right wool for a 3-D project?  Or should I be using your Merino Cross Felting Batts??”
We recommended our Merino Cross Felting Batts which are excellent for needle felting
miniatures. NZ Corriedale works great also, but the fibers need to be mixed up to go in different
directions. The MC Batts are just easier to start off with.
Happy Pig – Needle felted


Happy Pig back - needle felted

I have entitled him “happy pig”.  His main body was created with Living Felt “Water Lilly” Merino Cross Batt, his snout is Living Felt “Cupcake” NZ Corriedale and his hooves are Living Felt “Cherub” NZ Corriedale.  I very much enjoyed working with your Merino Cross Batt for my miniature 3-D pig – “thank you Marie for recommending it to me”.

 Kind Regards, Sandy Pape

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