Needle Felting – Little Tonberry by Sharon Gauthier of Canada

Needle Felting -  Tonberry Monster
Needle Felting – Tonberry Monster

Sharon Gauthier of Canada just began needle felting in December of 2010
so she is quite pleased with this little rendition of  TONBERRY which
is a gift. She tells us he is quite dangerous :O)

The Tonberry is a rather dangerous, but diminutive monster encountered in the Final Fantasy series. I am a big fan of those games and this little doll is very special as he was a gift for a cousin that I consider a brother. 🙂
He took me two hours to make, he is made of 95% wool from Living Felt: The blade of his knife and the “metal” parts of his lantern were wool from a local store.”


Sharon began her supplies with our core wool, a Merino Cross Goody Pack, a metal 4-needle felting tool, (this little guy would require a single felting needle or the pen tool, and a 10 x 10 Earth Harmony Foam which is a great size felting surface. 


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