Needle Felting for Love: Bunny for Japan by Sharonlee

Another Sweet Bunny created with love for the children in Japan by Sharonlee Lucchesi of Michigan

“I just want to thank you for all your great videos and tips you provide. I came into some raw wool and alpaca and didn’t know what to do with it. But being a crafter I kept it for who knows what. I’m currently working on a dollhouse and in searching for ideas on the Internet for the dollhouse I found out about needle felting and just had to figure out what it was and how to do it. I then found your videos on Youtube and started watching, then went to your site and Facebook page and learned even more. I ordered the tools I needed from you to get started. Actually I ordered the foam twice, since my aunt and mother threw it out the first time when they picked up my package and thought it was packing material.

I joined your newsletter and while I was waiting for the tools to arrive got the email for the Create with love for Japan. I immediately thought it would be a great way to start. So attached are two pictures of my first ever needle felted project…A bunny to go to Japan. I felted the eyes since the email said to avoid small pieces for choking hazards.  I am defiantly hooked, and am going to try to get another one done before the deadline, which I can’t seem to find the out when the deadline is.

A few things I learned…First, needles break easy, lol. I broke two making this bunny….Second, when working on smaller areas use the foam, even when you think your fingers are in the clear your baby finger gets poked. Lots of pokes making this…Third, pictures don’t do it any justice, and I need a new camera, they show up every little strand of hair…Fourth, I will never clean wool again. When I experienced the work that went into cleaning it and carding it all, I wonder how your site is able to sell it for so cheap, I will be placing an order for some, lol….And Fifth, and most important, this was so much fun and I’m hooked on it now. Don’t know how I’m going to finish my dollhouse now that I have a new found love.

I think I’ll sit down this weekend go through your site and order some wool (definitely need color too)…and several more needles, lol. Thanks again!!!”

Sharonlee of Gratiot, MI

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