Needle Felting: This Neopolitan Dragon will steal your heart! by Elle Bradlin

Each week we receive emails and photos from our felting friends…and they mean more to us than we can convey!
Like this letter from Elle … and her irrestably ADORABLE needle felted dragon….it is amazing that she is just getting started with needle felting…what will she think of next?

I randomly stumbled on needle felting while browsing on Etsy,
just had to know what it was about and found Living Felt.
Since then I’ve lost count of all the things I’d like to make from wool!

“Here are pictures of my first critter that survived my kitten (who also loves wool, or maybe hates it, same end result),
Neopolitan is the first in my dessert dragon series, he’s due for a big brother (Mixed Berry dragon), and  has sister somewhere 3/4 of the way ready 😛  I used Living Felt variety needle pack, 5″x5″ needle felting foam, merino cross batts and core wool.

It’s a pleasure to do business with you guys,
the shipping times are unreal, nice selection of fibers/colors/needles, available instructions
and awesomely friendly way you relate to your customers!

Thank you so much for a fantastic new hobby!”

love, Elle Bradlin
Apache Junction, AZ

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