Needle Felting: Two Cute Little Chickies by Sandy Pape


Sandy Pape really made our week with these adorable little chickies
and her wonderful Love Note, Thanks, Sandy!!

“Greetings everyone at Living Felt~

Attached are pictures of two felted birdies I recently made.
I had a lot of fun creating these little guys!

I used your core wool for the construction of both of their bodies.
The yellow birdie is covered with “Chickie” and the pink birdie is covered with “Water Lilly”.
Their feet/legs are made out of bent wire.

Also, I feel the need to tell you that I could not find two colors of felt from your company,
so I ordered them from another company (I will leave their name a secret)!

Anyway, the reason why I am telling you this is that the wool I received from the other company was horrible
and the shipping was extremely slow!

Living Felt has the BEST felt out there and is the BEST company to deal with!
I am sure I do not have to tell you this because you already know this,
but I just wanted to say “thank you”.

I am very grateful for having such a wonderful company to deal with
and to rely on for getting such high quality wool and needle felting products.”

Kind Regards, Sandy Pape
North Port, FL

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