Needle Felting: Felted Soaps with Needle Felted Flowers by Jen Webster

Jen Webster of British Columbia, Canada shares her fabulous felted
summer soaps using New Zealand Corriedale and her trusty felting needle.

If you don’t know how to felt over soap, give it a try see our tutorial. Merino Cross Batts are also VERY easy to felt over soap.

New Zealand Corriedale | Merino Cross Batts

If you’ve never felted over a bar of soap, you might like to try it just once and see how you like it! Some people really get down to business and
felt tons of bars for gifts and craft shows. It becomes a self soaping scrubby bar 🙂

As with any project, there are endless ways to go about it, and below is one approach that I have found easy and fun to do!

For great results on your first try, start withmerino
cross batting
, and a bar of olive oil soap. If your soap has
very sharp edges, consider rounding them with a vegetable peeler
or knife.
Lay two overlapping strips, one running north and south, the other
running east to west. It should be just
enough wool to evenly cover you bar of soap.
Fold/wrap the wool tightly around the bar of soap, covering all areas. If
you leave a hole in the wrapping, you will have a hole in the
finished product. Holes grow wider as the wool shrinks towards
other fibers and away from the gap.
Now your bar should be completed covered in wool.With batting, the
fibers are already going in many different directions, so the
felting will come easily. Roving or sliver will do better with
at least three layers to get the fibers criss-crossing.

Place your hand inside a pair of knee-high stockings and grab the bar of
soap, then fold the stocking around the bar so it is fully encased.The
wool should lay flat and be without folds. The stocking provides
a nice barrier and will hold the wool in place while you felt.

Wrap hair bands around the stocking to hold it in place. Dunk your
soap in hot water, pressing hte water through and the air out.
Begin massaging the surface of the wool through the stocking.
Rotate the bar in your hands, rubbing all sides and corners to
felt the wool evenly and firmly.

When the fibers begin to migrate through the stocking, gently peel
it off and continue felting by hand.Rinse as needed if it gets
too sudsy, and when you have a nice skin on your felt, shape it
and set it to dry. It will firm up as it dries. If desired, put
a label on it and there you have it!

Here is a free label template in Word you can use and change…
It’s called Soap in a Sweater



Here is what Jen Webster writes about her needle felted soaps:

it or not, the needle goes into the soap fairly easily . You do have to be careful, as I have broken off a couple of needle tips into the soap.
I am using handcrafted soap from a local lady, and they are a little softer. I think too that the soap softens from the felting process. I do let the them dry a few hours before needle felting. I have had some bars the wet felting process didn’t do the best, and using the needle you can clean up the uneven spots, and add fibre in the areas that didn’t quite get  covered.

Cheers, Jen

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