Felted Picture

Needle Felting & Wet Felting with Kids! Wonderous creations from North Country School Children :)

Felted Picture

Felted Quilt Square – 5th grader Alice Weil’s The Lion and the Mouse

Felted Picture

Needle Felted Quilt Square – 4th grader Jetty Fincham’s needle felted illustration of The Country Mouse and The City Mouse

Felted Journal

9th grader Sage Morgan’s wet and needle felted book with Japanese stab binding

Felted Picture

Felted Quilt Square  – 5th grader Grace Graham’s needle felted fable of The Frog and the Mouse

Felted Backpack

9th grader Ivy Lee’s wet felted backpack with needle felted details. The backpack was made as a variation
with the wet felting purse kit from Living Felt

These fabulous student projects were sent to us by Laura Bill, Studio Art Teacher at North Country School in Lake Placid, NY.
Laura’s email identified each of these gorgeous works and also shared that she learned felting through online tutorials and videos.

“Here are some photographs of felted projects my art students did this year using Living Felt supplies.  …
I love the website and the newsletters, I use many of the photographs as class examples when I teach felting and I buy all my needle and wet felting supplies for class from Living Felt. Keep up the good work!” – Laura Bill

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