Wet Felting & Needle Felting: Scarf and Fairy by Mary Denmead

Nuno Felt Scarf

Emails like this one from Mary Denmead of Stehekin, WA warms our hearts in so many ways!

Dear Living Felt-

Thank you so much for the beautiful supplies I recieved from you (Nuno Felt deluxe scarf kit) as well as other wooly treats. I’d never created anything like that before but was dying to and your kit and excellent instructions and GORGEOUS materials made for a fun all-night experience!  (Once I started, I didn’t want to stop!)

Thank you too for your excellent customer service.  I can sense you love your products and what you do as much as those who come to you for supplies.  There’s nothing so special as sharing a passion for creativity…even with “strangers”. 

I will most definitely be back…and back and back…!”

With gratitude-
Mary Denmead

Mary used our Fairy Hollow Deluxe Nuno Felt Scarf kit .

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