Needle Felting: Great! Needle Felted Character Dolls by Deb Koch

We fell in love with these wonderfully felted and entertaining characters
needle felted by Deb Koch of Fenton, MI. Notice the detail on Darby O’Gill, complete with
buttons on his jacket, hat and walking stick. Add the lovely mounting on this found object
of natural wood and you have a truly lovely composition.

I would like to share a couple of my sculptures with you.

This first is Garden T. Gnome … he lives in the garden of Mrs Humpplewump but is also entrusted with guarding
the first stair to her home.  He’s a very trustworthy gnome!

I used a floral wire armature so he is free standing and your Merino Cross blend wools  and curls for his clothes and beard. The merino cross blend is my favorite to work with!

The second is Darby O’Gill .. he’s been roaming over hill and dale in search of the little people!  Again, a floral wire armature was used with your Merino Cross wool and your wool curls.  I fingered the curls a bit to get his wonderful moustache formed just the way I wanted!  He’s posed with his walking stick on a piece of Oak tree bark. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Deb Koch – Fenton, Michigan

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