Needle Felting: Beautiful Needle Felted Gryphon by Ally Loughrin

Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany shared with us her wonderful Gryphon and this sweet note. We’re glad you are finally
getting to use your supplies, Ally…and keep having fun …we look forward to more pictures of your creations!

 “Hello! A while back, my wonderful husband bought me a gift certificate to Living Felt for my birthday. I picked up many fun and exciting things, but unfortunately an overseas move prevented me from enjoying my new wool immediately. Recently, I was reunited with my craft supplies here in Germany. I just finished felting this little guy using the sky and royal blue Corridale wool from Living Felt. I really enjoyed how this wool behaved, especially when it came time to do his mane! It was so easy to root and irresistibly fluffy now that it’s finished. This little gryphon is a part of a “Monsters and Mythology” series I’m needle felting. I hope to use many more Living Felt products as I go!

Thank you for the wool and the wonderful newsletter!”

Ally Loughrin of Nuremberg, Germany

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