In Today's Newsletter….Needle Felting: Sweet Baby Boo Pumpkins by Lori Parker


 Featured in this week’s Living Felt – Felting Friends Newsletter:

Lori Parker of Preston, CT created these gorgeous “baby boo pumkins”
with needle felting. Plan for 1/2 oz to 1 oz of wool depending on size.
Try a core wool center, natural white NZ Corriedale for the outer shell,
MC-1™ in dark chocolate for the stem, and true olive for the vines.


“It is starting to feel like Fall here in New England already. As I was going through what was left
of my garden after TS Irene, I found a bunch of baby boo pumpkins that made it through the storm.
I was insired to make these baby boos! Needle felted from corriedale and alpaca, I love looking at them on my table!!

Thank you for your wonderful supplies!”

— Lori Parker , Preston, CT

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