Needle Felting and Wet Felting – Wonderful Felted Slippers by Shelley Gerber

  We are delighted with these sweet hand felted slippers by Shelley Gerber of San Diego, California and share them with
you as great inspiration for holiday gifts and guests! Felting over a resist is fun and a slipper shape is easy
to work with. For resist material, some people like cardboard or cereal boxes and some like heavy duty 6mil plastic.

Here at Living Felt, we use thick, rubbery material often used to line shelves…but without any holes.
Trace around your foot to get the proper size, then give yourself 1/4 to 1/2 inch extra to allow for shrinkage.



Once the felt is holding together (remember your pinch test) and you have a soft felt, cut out the resist.
Shaping can be done by hand, on a bamboo blind, rigid mat, wash board or even a plastic lid or tray that has ridges.

Have fun make your own booties and slippers this winter…and be sure to send us pictures!

6 thoughts on “Needle Felting and Wet Felting – Wonderful Felted Slippers by Shelley Gerber

  1. Can we have a more detailed instruction….or do I just trace my foot on a “rubber” surface (add 1/4-1/2 ”) , felt all the way around the shape, to the desired thickness, then cut an opening ( how do you get that centered? especially on both slippers) pull out the resist then wet felt the rest of the way?…do you line them with a contrasting color as well, at the wet felting stage? They are adorable I would so love to try these…. Thanks,
    … Nancy in Michigan


    • We will be making a slipper tutorial soon. If you have never felted over a resist (the template), you might start testing/learning with a small square…but round out the corners to make it easier.
      Yes, you will felt all the way around the shape, 4 or more layers of wool are recommended on both sides, I would put more on the bottom of hte foot. You can cut a smaller hole than these as well.
      The inside color is the very first color you lay on the resist. I hope that helps.


  2. Thanks for the reply and especially for the future tutorial….these would make great Christmas gifts or for any occasion…How long is the wait for the tutorial to be available? Thank You!


      • Hi, I just joined your site and am looking forward to the instruction tutorial on these beautiful slippers. I’m very new at this and need to learn everything there is to learn. I’ve just collected some wool sweaters and am about to wet felt them. Will I be able to dry felt a design on top of the already felted wool? If not how do I make a design on my product? Thanks


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