Sweet Needle Felted Chickadees by Christina Northam of IL

“I first discovered needle felting in late August. I took to it like a duck to water, and have purchased all of my supplies from
Living Felt since the first kit I got a Renaissance Fair. I have been making soap and candles to sell at craft shows for years,
but I love having a creative outlet that I can take anywhere with me, rather than having to be locked away in my lab in the basement for hours at a time. I have even needle felted at the airport, where people thought I was doing voodoo!

These chickadees are life size, and were made with Merino cross felting batts in black, silver mist, light camel, and bright white.
I always use your core batting for my designs, and that is under the color here and also overlaid on their chests to get that fade.

I figure chickadees are winter birds, and the two of them together is romantic so it hits on both the winter and the heart theme for the month. The one bird has wire feet, the other does not, but they are not connected to the nest as you can see from the photo
of the bird in my hand. I always wanted to be like Snow White where the wild animals would come sit with me –
this is the closest I will get, I think!”

– Christina Northam of Fox River Grove, Illinois

4 thoughts on “Sweet Needle Felted Chickadees by Christina Northam of IL

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