Needle felted goat head

Needle Felting: Baab Marley! Felted Goat Head by Barbara Attwell of Austin, TX

Needle felted goat head

Barbara Attwell came by Living Felt not so long ago and stunned us with this amazing sculpture!
It is needle felted with Living Felt Core Wool and locks she brought back from New Zealand. 12″ x 12″ x 18″

Barbara attended a sheep shearing while in NZ and witnessed the expert shear an entire sheep in a matter of minutes.
She was quite surprised to see them leave the fiber on the table and asked if she could have it. They gave it to her and
she had a fun time with the customs agent as he pondered the details….is it processed? is it clean? is there a risk?

– ah, go ahead!  and home she went with her treasure.

needle felted sheep

She also made this cute little ship with some of the locks, both are lovely works of art! Barbara recently exhibited another piece
at an exhibit in the Austin Bergstrom Airport…and we’ll share that soon when we feature BIRDS as our theme!

(send us your felted bird images and sculptures via


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