Kira's Amazing Needle Felted Monster Hat

We are so happy to introduce you to Kira Weber and her Amazing Monster Hat! Kira is a talented young artist who inspires me greatly, and after seeing her and the wonderful hat she felted all by herself, we just had to share it with all of our felting friends.

We hope you will take a moment and enjoy the video giving grand tour of her hat and its making!

When I first saw Kira and her hat, I was so inspired that I asked her mom, Lori, if we could do an interview. She agreed and the whole family got on board to help bring Kira’s video interview to life. Lori and her family, like many of you, are both customers of Living Felt, and our cherished “felting friends”. They own Sirius Alpacas, a family farm in Charden, Ohio. They raise Alpacas for fun, therapy, and profit; and they also import high quality Andean items from places like Peru and Bolivia. You can visit their store or read their entertaining blog for more info on that!

Kira is 12, and if you watched the video, you know she has a twin sister, Maya, who is the fortunate recipient of the Monster Headdress (which I would personally proudly wear!).

After speaking with Lori about Kira’s wonderfully creative artistic expression, I learned she has some unique traits which cause her to view the world perhaps a bit differently than most. I was so moved by what Lori shared both about Kira and about their supportive family that I found myself blessed just to be introduced to them, and grateful that we would be sharing it with you also.

Below is a little more about that talented young, Kira, as shared by Lori:

Kira’s the youngest of 4 kids – and the younger twin. She didn’t say a word till after she was three and was never all that interested in talking for years after that. Her sentences were always jumbled and she relied on Maya, her twin, to do all her talking. She’s not a verbal person and has her challenges with language. But, what she strains to communicate in words, she more than makes up for in art. Even at age two, she used to sit for hours with scissors and paper – and just cut super intricate patterns and then tape them into bizarre sculptures. Today, she will go outside and play with sidewalk chalk by herself for hours while everyone else plays baseball. She draws and paints all the time – and her stuff is cool, with detailed intricate patterns and colors.

When our alpaca fleeces were spun into batting and yarns, Maya took to knitting, and Kira to needle felting. Kira just goes to town because there is no “right” way. She and I dye alpaca fleece – and we also use Living Felt’s colors for the projects that have to look good – and she just sculpts away. She made a cute little bowl a few years ago, and then progressed to mermaids, snowmen and a few other neat projects. She never tells us what she’s up to. She just goes into her “art room” in the basement and creates stuff. Currently, she’s been painting a lot. But, she’s excited about her monster hat – and is going to enter it into the fiber arts competition at the county fair.”

We so look forward to future creations from Kira….be they fiber or not! We wish her great success in the county fair competition, but mostly we wish her great fun in expressing her artistic and very creative spirit!

3 thoughts on “Kira's Amazing Needle Felted Monster Hat

  1. I just watched Kira’s video. What a cutie! And I absolutely LOVE her free spirit when it comes to creating art! She creates from the heart and it’s just very inspiring to be reminded of where we all can tap into……during the times when we were younger and without the critic in our head. I hope she continues to value and explore her natural born talent and let it take her wherever she allows it in her life! Happy Felting, Kira! You do beautiful, FUN, original, colorful, and INSPIRING work!


  2. Great interview! It is so nice to see a family where creativity is celebrated and encouraged every day. Kira and her siblings will surely accomplish amazing things in life, because they are learning that they can make make the things that they imagine into a reality.


    • Thank you everyone. This is Kira. I am about to make a felted bird’s nest and Easter eggs to put in it! Some of the eggs are made from real egg shells with wax and dyes. Some are made from alpaca felt left over from last year’s shearing and finished with beautiful colors from Living Felt. I’ll send pictures when they are all done!


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