ECO dyed Felted slippers by Jurga Za



We were taken by these lovely slippers with the interesting cut-away and design underneath!

Jurga Za is a felter in Lithuania; , the mother of two boys, and she is an architect.

“I still have a wish to work with felt in interior some day. But the slippers are the part of my interior now.”

These slippers are made of natural white wool, then dyed with natural dye made of plants she collected. 
” It’s always a little surprise with result I get dyeing natural. They can be little bit darker or lighter. Even nuance of this colour may differ little bit. But this vivid nature makes them so unique.”

For decoration she used banana silk, and the soles are covered with natural latex which makes them not slippery.

Shoes are made of natural non dyed Lithuanian sheep wool.


As far as I remember myself I do something with fabric.
My favorite hobby was knitting. But for several years felting takes much more pleasure for me.
I’m very happy to do both for my works.”

You can visit her etsy store here:
Jurga Za on Etsy


More felted slipper inspirations on the way!

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