Evelyn Nelson Wins a $25 Gift Certificate for her Kate Bush Felted Doll!

This is Evelyn’s first felted doll! She did a beautiful job, don’t you think?  

The vines in her hair are perfect!


Send us pictures of your Spring & Easter felting projects!
flowers, scarves, birds, easter bunnies, eggs & chicks…

(can be pictures, wearables, sculptures, etc. include details — see below)
Send us a picture of yours for a chance to win a Living Felt Gift Certificate!
send to: submissions@livingfelt.com

Just follow these 5 simple steps:


1) Take a nice clear photo with a complimentary background

2) Re-size to a maximum of 1000 pixels wide.
If you can’t do it with your own software, try this free tool: http://www.picresize.com/

3) Send your photo to submissions@livingfelt.com with Photo Entry – Item (hat, bear, scarf, etc.) in the Subject Line


5) Tell us what supplies you used – be specific if possible

*Remember, every photo posted on facebook or emailed to us is entered into our
Monthly Drawing for Living Felt Gift Certificates and Prizes!

One thought on “Evelyn Nelson Wins a $25 Gift Certificate for her Kate Bush Felted Doll!

  1. This is great. Good job. As soon as I can get my camera to take a decient photo I have my first felted doll, he turned out to be a pimp…oh well. That is what the felt wanted to be…..lol


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