Fun and Playful Bird's Nest Starter

 There are many different ways to put wool out for the birds…you might tie small tufts to a branch,
or tie a bundle in fishnetting, or fill a hanging planter basket!
We started with a patch of wool to cover the largest opening on the bottom of the basket
and then layered tufts of core wool, yarns and merino-cross felting batts.


 Make sure the yarns are dangling out and pull some wool through the openings as well.
The birds will be very attracted to them blowing in the breeze of the day!


 Here is our fun and playful nest basket! Some birds came to it right away
and made a hole in the side of the pile, so we just squashed it down.
Now we get to keep our eye out for some soft and colorful nests this spring!

What have you made or what will you make for your feathered friends?
Post in the comments, and send us photos  of your gifts for the birds and babies to come!



  1. what a great idea! just the other day I found a hanging basket amongst my clutter and was wondering whether to keep it or not because it really is too small for flowers, dries out too quickly; this newfound use means it doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is and I can hang more stuff from it, f.e.a peanu-tstring!
    what I always leave for the birds’ nests are our dog’s hairs, he’s a blond labrador so there are lots of those, and now that spring is on it’s way he is losing all the tiny very soft ones, perfect for a bird’s nest.
    BTW found you through Nancy at Pomegranate trail.


    • I visited your site, Saskia, and see you already have wool hanging :), I’m sure your birds will love it! (love the cacti also :o)
      Its so amazing how quickly an idea can travel across the world these days! Thanks to Nancy for sharing the link! The wool will look great in her feather mobiles.


      • hey thanks for visiting, well I wonder what the birds will make of the bright felt colours…, I have discovered dog hairs in older nests and I am looking forward to observing them from the kitchen window as they start gathering their nests’ ingredients.


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