Beautiful Needle Felted Bird by Jackie Felix

We are in awe of this beautiful composition by Jackie Felix of Erie, Pennsylvania.

“‘Wren Ever’ is one of my latest designs; as a bird watcher I am aware it’s not technically correct,
but I was so inspired by a little wren who insisted on using a flower pot as a nest last spring
I decided to try and capture not only the experience of her determination, but also the anticipation of the arrival.

The wren is comprised of my “go to” color pecan and cotton white Merino Cross Batts,
with very minute amounts of Mango and Black Merino Cross Batts in the beak.

The legs are pearl cotton wrapped wire for support.

The flower pot is, as I like to refer to it; my own “designer” color created by
using carding brushes to blend the colors Cinnamon and Wine Cross Batts for just the right effect.

The flower pot was also stiffened to give the right amount of support to hold not only for the mother bird,
but also her precious cargo inside; three eggs felted from the small amounts of cotton white rest inside.

The nesting material was a little pearl cotton stiffened and scrunched to hold the eggs.
The carders were a Christmas gift and I love mixing and blending the delicious array of colors you carry,
I want to own them all and am working on doing just that.”

Jackie Felix, Erie PA

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Needle Felted Bird by Jackie Felix

  1. Jackie
    Your bird is amazing. And I just love the name too. I am just getting started in needle felting and how I long to get better. But as they say practice makes perfect. You my dear are at your perfect point.


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