Needle Felted Totoro by Dan Phillips of Alameda, CA


We love this creation by Dan — created from the Living Felt Fun Birds Needle Felting Kit.
Once you learn basic techniques, let your imagination take over! 

I created these 3D felts of Blue and White Totoros during Christmas vacation using the “Fun Birds Kit”. 
Since it was Christmas, I utilized my son’s new toy train set gift for this photo. 

Dan is friends with Steph Laberis,whom we featured in our Felting Friends Spotlight a short time ago,
She inspired me to start felting and directed me to your awesome site.

… I like making the felt critters, because it gives me something tangible to hold once I’m finished! Working in digital media on a computer is fun, but if we were to lose all our electricity one day for whatever reason, I’d have NOTHING to show for all my work, you know? I know it’s not like they’re “archival” Easter Island Heads or anything, but I enjoy making them as gifts for my loved ones to hold.”

Right now, I’m having fun making felts of some of my favorite cartoon characters, like Totoro from “My Neighbor Totoro” and Jiji the Cat from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. Both characters from films by my favorite animation director, Hayao Miyazaki.

“… the “Maye and Me” creation was based on a doodle my wife drew. She made a sketch of a rock (me) that was holding onto a balloon (her). It was her interpretation of our relationship. She’s the free spirit, but I keep her grounded. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, she’s not really an artist, so it was even more endearing. But, the drawing had vanished a while ago, so I re-created it from memory in 3D felt-form! I gave it to her for Valentine’s Day.”

Dan is an illustrator who primarily works in traditional, hand-drawn animations using Flash.
He is currently the Lead Artist and Animator at a company called NomNomNom and is working on some yet-to-be-released games for mobile phones. Previously, he designed tons of animals for Zoo World and Zoo World 2, both games on facebook.

“Thanks for the good times!
I’m having a blast with this awesome craft and I enjoy sharing it with all my friends and family!

Dan Phillips
Alameda, CA

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