Incredible Felted Soaps by Dominika and Magdalena!

We could hardly wait to share these amazing felted soaps with you! Designed and felted by Dominika and Magdalena, two European girls living in New York and creating together.

Hello, we are two girls from Europe Magdalena, and Dominika Hatchett, we met in some mysteries coincidence. Believing that everything is possible we had decided to try to use our creativity to express our life stories in some craft work. We had many grate ideas witch we are trying to realize, and are in progress ,we started from looking at you- tube videos  and we get really inspired by Marie’s tutorials and all process of wet felting took as to the felted soap idea. The rest was just a pleasure!

So that’s how we do it, we use hand maid soap, and New Zealand Corriedale Wool , after wet felting process  we needle felt designs  witch are reflection of our feelings and emotions .

The inspiration to make this soap was fact of being in the middle of looking for new appartment and moving, living with my friends for a while constantly caring a suitcase with me.

Magdalena Kowal “suitcase”  used a CORE WOOL and New Zealand Corriedale Wool.”

The paradise flower set was created just with the thoughts about summer time in the snowy  winter evening, The funny thing was a few days after I made them, my neighbor brought for me the same exactly orange lilies 🙂

We used wonderful colors of New Zealand Corriedale Wool – Amazon Rainforest, Pilgrim’s Harvest, African Safari, Navajo Canyon, Spanish Fiesta we prefer to use Felting Needles 38 Star to apply designs.

Want to see more…perhaps get some for yourself? Get on over to their Etsy Store!


Also see more fun soaps and our free felted soap tutorial here.

4 thoughts on “Incredible Felted Soaps by Dominika and Magdalena!

  1. We received our soap from Dominika and Magdalena…WOW!!! They look gorgeous in the photos, but are even more stunning in person! Thank you ~ we love them and have them on display at LIVING FELT :o)


  2. Your felted soaps are so beautiful! How do you make such precise and complex designs! I make felted soaps for my friends but they look so clunky, like a kid’s crayon drawing. I would love to make pretty designs like this! You are so talented!


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