Beautiful Felt Bracelets – a Unique Gift!

Bohemian spirit bracelet by dianthusa on Etsy.

This simple but pretty and delicate bracelet is made with bordeaux organza fabric and felt. It is perfect alone or combined with other simple bracelets.

“I am Spanish, I like nature, sun and traveling.

I studied forestry engineering during many years. In that period my creativity was completely hidden by numbers, numbers and numbers, but still I kept closed to nature.

Currently the especial situation of my country, made me to move to Paris where I have rediscovered my artist facet. I started with some little drawings, afterwards I made some handicrafts for home and then I made some pendants to friends.”

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Rich and textured wrist wrap by Danfe of Poland.

“I love designing and making fashion accessories and jewelry.  All items are work of my imagination and fantasy,made in single pieces by hand from high quality natural and ecological materials. 

My motto : I create for You and me ,things serious and not but always with idea to bring you fun and satisfaction.”

More from Danfe

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