Beautiful Felted Pansies by Vera Renski

Vera Renski was born in Russia and is a medical doctor by profession. “For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed handicraft, and above all, dolls. I started out with drawing doll dresses on paper, and then shortly moved on to manually sewing them. After my kids were born I’d spend hours knitting them clothes and crafting hand-made teddy bear toys.”

The idea of felting was something she embraced in 2008, when I first found some pictures of felt craft on the Internet.

Vera’s doll wonderful from the Living Felt Art Doll Kit

“I was particularly impressed with various figurines: dogs, cats, mice and people with realistic facial expressions. It was quite unique and eye catching. I already had much experience knitting figurines and decided to try and learn how to felt.

“Everything I know now is self learned from books and the Internet. My first felt toy was crafted from a kit that I found on

Since that time, felting has become my true hobby which I enjoy enormously. I strongly recommend everyone tries it – it is extremely simple and enjoyable!”

Vera’s breathtaking creation, Once Upon a Time , took 2nd Place in the 2011 Living Felt International Felting Challenge -Doll Category. See more images & read about it here

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