Breathtaking Nuno Felt Scarves by Svitlana

Svitlana was born in Crimea—a peninsula in Southern Ukraine surrounded by the Black Sea—but she currently lives and felts in New York. She began her work three and a half years ago and instantly fell in love with felting. She calls it “the most relaxing, unpredictable, addictive, most satisfying work” she’s ever done.

She learned the basics from her friend Jane, in Moscow, but taught herself the rest through experimentation, studying the work of other artists, and reading about felting. This love of independent learning inspires her to create unusual things by mixing different techniques. Perhaps it also inspires her Svitlana’s whimsical work method: she says she never knows what she will make one day to the next. For instance, she recently figured out how to make a retro hat. “It came out very pretty,” so right now she is learning more about retro hats.

Svitlana’s “one dream” is to learn how to make felted clothing. Right now, she says, she doesn’t have enough confidence, but is waiting as that confidence grows. Meanwhile, she focuses on her many ideas. “Sometimes my ideas are attacking me from all sides and it’s difficult to decide…where to start!”

She speaks almost spiritually of felting’s impact on her. She says it isn’t that you touch the wool, but “wool touches your hands, your eyes, your mind.” She likes “playing with colors, creating new combinations, experimenting with texture and volume.”

She finds inspiration everywhere, in all forms of art: painting, knitting pottery, photography, stained glass, architecture, fiber art, fusion art glass, fashion, cinematography… She mentioned watching a recent video about Patty and Allen Eckman and their cast paper sculptures.

To encourage other felters, she shares the wisdom a friend gave her. The friend said, “there is nothing in felt that you can’t find out by trying,” and Svitlana adds, “don’t be afraid of wool, trust your hands and senses!”

Svitlana’s Etsy shop is called VitalTemptation and more of her work can be seen there: VitalTemptation on Etsy

*Her work moves fast, so browse the sold items for more temptations!


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