Beep! Beep! Father's Day Ahead!

This a great collector piece for a MINI COOPER driver, needle felted by Celia Ho.

“I made one for my husband for his past year birthday with a special initial & age marking on the bottom of the car. He loves to drive his real MINI to work. This special sculpture also dresses up his desk top too! After I posted a photo of this creation on my,
I had a special custom order request all the way from Hong Kong.
A lady wanted to send a special gift like this with his friend’s name marked.
I was very excited to make something very special to someone too!”

– Celia Ho

2 thoughts on “Beep! Beep! Father's Day Ahead!

  1. Such a precious child Celia. Looks so proud holding that darling car. I have done small flowers & designs for scarves & purse’s.I have no camera to put it on your blog. Thank You for sharing.


  2. Thank you for letting me share! I love felting things that my family & friends are interested. Please visit my Facebook page or to check out my new creation & updates!

    Cecilia Ho
    Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.


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