Needle Felted Mobile by Taylor Farmer

needle felted mobile pigs fly

“This is a mobile I made for my niece Riley.  It is titled “Stop Loving You When Pigs Have Wings

It was made with 100% Living Felt Merino Fast Felting Batts.  The wings are felt covered in glitter, the frame is wood, and Styrofoam covered in felt.”

“I made most of the pigs on my commute to work on the subway in New York City.  Every single time I was felting in public, people would stop and ask me what I was doing – it attracted SO much fascination – people would literally gawk at me.  One little girl was so enamored with a piglet I was making, that I had to give it away to her!”

We love this mobile crafted by Taylor! If you do also, leave her some good words,
and make sure to send us photos of your creations!

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