A Natural at Felting from the Beginning

Jo Schram is 66 years young, and she was a natural at felting from the very beginning. Although she doesn’t wet felt, she creates stunning landscapes that have been featured in the annual Illinois Craftworks juried show. Jo says, “I had no idea what I was doing. I knew you needed barbed needles, wool roving and felt.”

She started felting 5 years ago with regular felt she purchased at a craft store. She eventually discovered Living Felt and bought a foam base and also, a brush base.

She began to realize she could incorporate some of the hundreds of yarns and specialty fibers she had accumulated from her scrapbooking days.

I liked the way they looked and could envision them as flowers, shrubs, fields, etc. by punching them into my felt base.

I paint with the wools, trying to pay attention to shading, etc.

Jo likes her very first felting so much that she refuses to sell it. She liked the way it turned out so much that she has continued to make hundreds of landscapes.  She tries to make them as realistic as possible, thus lending a fantasy quality to her work.

Jo says she’s done some 3D felting but, “I stick myself too much!

She recently purchased a felting machine and managed to break all the needles on day two.  She said it was an expensive mistake and just recently ordered more.

She has a great deal of admiration for the artists who do the dyeing and painting of the wool. “The colors they obtain are amazing.” Jo also does pastels, and created this Otter.

Currently, Jo lives in the East Bay, San Francisco. Her works are for sale at the Berry Patch in Pleasanton, CA, and she also has at Etsy shop. She advises that her best works are in Pleasanton.

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