Painting with Fiber


Kristy Callahan felted this beautiful still life that she likens to “painting with fiber.”

She says, “The piece is 22”X16”. I wet felted the main piece. I then wet felted shapes for the flower leaves and stems. I then needle felted the flowers leaves and stems on to the piece. As I needle felted I formed the shape more and added the dimension. I added the beads. I needle felted on the tops as well. I used Merino top from Living Felt for the whole piece. The basic piece I started with white and added many colors of blue for some dimension. The beads are toho beads.

Kristy goes on to share, “I order from you all the time, and just wanted to share one of my wall hangings. I have been felting for about 10 months. I weave and knit as well, so the felting quickly became a passion. I love your products and your amazing service.

Such a colorful summertime piece. We just love it.

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