Wobbly, Weebly, Felted Fun

Danielle Dubois has a gift for crafting simple, yet comically adorable little beings. Her collection of animals is perfect for our barnyard/farm/Americana focus this week, and we are especially enamored with them because they lovingly call us back to our youth of playing with Weebles.

Two years ago Danielle was working as a illustrator/graphic designer (for children’s clothing) and was looking for inspiration on the web. A coworker sent her a picture of a cute little needle felted mouse, and it was love at first site.

“I didn’t know what it was made of and when I found out that it was needle felted, I did some research on the subject. I found a little video on Youtube on how to do the basic shapes and some videos on the living felt web site. That is how I have learned to needle felt. I bought some materials from Living Felt and began experimenting. I have pretty much invented my own techniques because there is almost nothing on the subject here in Quebec (Canada).”

What she likes the most about needle felting is the way that the wool reacts.

“It kind of has a mind of its own. You can decide to make a certain character, but sometimes the wool reacts a certain way, and it never comes out the way you have planned. I love that. I also love to needle felt my pieces until they are very smooth to the touch. I just love to feel the wool on my fingers.”

Danielle loves to give life to all the characters she has in her head.

“I am a illustrator, and before I learned to needle felt, I use to draw little characters on paper, but now, I can make them out of wool. That is so cool.”

Danielle is an Illustrator/Graphic designer, and she loves to create illustrations and designs in Adobe Illustrator.

“But to be honest, I kind of replaced illustration with needle felting. It is now my number one passion. I also love to knit.”

A percentage of her sales are used to buy wool to knit neck warmers for the homeless youth of Montreal. Why?
“Because this world needs a little bit more kindness. I am always looking for volunteer knitters to help me, so don’t be shy to spread the word.”

Danielle offers this bit of encouragement. “Practice, practice and practice and when you think you have practiced enough, practice again, but mostly, don’t try to be perfect, be indulgent with yourself. The first pieces are going to be funny looking, but after a while, you are going to see a huge difference in your work.”

Visit Danielle Dubois at www.doudoulab.com

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