Ronda Loyer – To Create is to Live

Ronda Loyer has been a floral designer for 34 years. She had her own shop for 12 years, where she sold not only floral designs but all types of her artwork.

I have won best in show 5 times, and countless best in category. I won second place in a CDHM miniature contest for a fairy house. I work in many mediums in my art work, and always look for something new to try. To create is to live.

Ronda’s felting is diverse and inspiring. She says this about the featured image, “Under the Sea”:

“Under The Sea is a one of a kind needle felted picture done with various kinds of wool. What a coral reef looks like in my minds eye! Weeds and anemone’s sway among the coral. There is a Clown fish hiding in his favorite anemone. He is not attached so he can come out and moved somewhere else if the mood strikes you!”

“Water is shimmery shades of greens into purple to blue. Angelina film adds some sparkle. Framed in my favorite two colors of periwinkle blue backing and a suede purple mat. Measures 14″x18″ It is very 3 dimensional, would look best framed without glass, or in a shadowbox.”

Above, a very colorful hand needle felted picture with a swaying Palm Tree at sun set. The tree extends outside the edge of the mat board it is mounted on. The felt background measures 9″x11″ the mat board measures 11″x14.”

Below, a handmade wool seascape is needle felted on wool background. “Headin In” shows an approaching storm and the need to get back to shore. The sky is done in a very stormy blue, and is reflected in the dark water of the sea. The use of angelina film creates a subtle shimmer, and wool yarn creates breaking waves. There are beach grasses on the sand. It is very dimensional and mounted on a mat board, then framed with another one. Measures 13″x16″ and can be matted to a different size if need be. One of a kind.

Ronda’s felted paintings tell stories as dimensional as the artwork itself, and we like that it is interactive, touchable, and changeable so that the owner of these pieces can make the story his or her own!

See More of Ronda on Etsy:

Enchanted Path

A Hopeless Romantic

2 thoughts on “Ronda Loyer – To Create is to Live

    • Thank you so much! It was a wonderful surprise to find my work had been featured here! How kind of Living Felt, Thank you Marie, You made my day!

      Thank you too Maggie, I am glad you liked them!


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