needle felted mushroom dolls

Needle Felted Mushroom Dolls by Steven Shipman

needle felted mushroom dolls

We just love the darling little dolls felted by Steven, perfect characters for a Children’s story book!

Hi, I very much enjoy your video tutorials and supplies. I had some vacation time so I finally sat down and started needle felting. It’s so addictive! I learned a lot during the process and can’t wait to start a new project and keep improving. Here is my first experiment. Mushroom Boys for my nephews.

Lincoln, Nebraska

John shared these on facebook….we hope you will share yours also!
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3 thoughts on “Needle Felted Mushroom Dolls by Steven Shipman

  1. I love the Mushroom Dolls. Where can I get the pattern?? Im new at interneting so unsure what to click some times. Stephen did a magnificent job. My senior self wants these. To buy or try and makje. Thank you


    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your kind words! I made alterations to suit myself as I needle sculpted, including adding the buttons and mushroom caps, but the basic project (wool pixie) is in the book “Wool Toys and Friends: Step-By-Step Instructions for Needle Felting Fun” by Laurie Sharp and Kevin Sharp. I found the book at Hobby Lobby. Marie may have it here at Living Felt too. There are lots of cute, fun and easy projects in it, and excellent photos of each step in the process. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. The needle felting process has just become addictive for me! 🙂

      Warm Regards,


  2. Steven, I saw your harlequin doll on the living felt newsletter. OMGoodness! What a fantastic job you did!!! Everything is exquisite, I am surprised the eyes are done so well with felt. ABsolutely beautiful. Good job! Connie


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