Johanna Koons Creates Life Journeys and Stories in Felt

Johanna Koons started felting about two years ago. She wandered into a store that sold felted Santa Clauses, angels, gnomes, felting materials and beads.

My sister and I have an inside joke where we give my father little gnome figurines, so I bought him a felted gnome, but also a felting kit so I could felt my own gnome for him.”
After felting that gnome, Johanna discovered that she really enjoyed the medium and started incorporating felting into her art practice.


She says this about felting,
“Unlike other art forms like ceramics or even painting, felting does not require me to work in a special studio. I can felt almost anywhere I want. I also love how much control I have when felting. I can easily get the effect I envision without mechanical errors.”

She likes to experiment with many different art forms, but primarily paint, bookmaking, and now felting.

“I made these three dolls for an exhibit I did looking at women’s life trajectories. I wanted them to celebrate older women and the stories they have collected. They are inspired by Jordanian dolls, Kimt, and a knitted Yves Saint Laurent wedding dress from 1965.”

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