Felted Wall Hangings to Brighten and Inspire

We love these interesting and unique wall hangings by Robin James of Philadelphia!
Here is more info on each in her own words: 

Hello Living Felt family,

 I have four different creations that I am happy to share with you all, made from your pretty felt! The first was my very first attempt at felting. I used MC-1 mango, MC-1 chili, and MC-1 Mandarin, this is a wet felt piece. I was very excited to see the finished product and and was inspired to make more creations.

The second piece is my second attempt at felting. I used MC-4 Linen, MC-1 Espresso, MC-1 Pecan, MC-1 Charcoal, MC-1 Watermelon, and the Mohair Locks sunblossom2. I put a lot of details in this piece to really jazz him up and make him stand out for the ancient king that he truly is.

My third and fourth pieces are what I made for my Peace Felt 2012 entry. They are hanging “Peace” signs. Both of them were made with love. In the center of each piece is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana located in West Africa . The symbol stands for justice, fairplay, freedom, peace, forgiveness, unity, harmony, and the avoidance of conflicts or strife. The Proverb is “Obi Nka Obi.” (Bite not one another).  I used sun Dyed Premium Mohair Locks Chinese Turq and Sunblossom2. I also used the Spanish Fiesta, NZ Navy, MC-1 Clay, MC-1 Mango, MC-1 Watermelon, MC-4 Linen, and a wool felting needle.

Robin L. James  – Philadelphia, PA

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