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  1. I have a couple of questions, being pretty new at felting I am not exactly what to do. I will say right upfront I tend to try doing harder/more complicated things. Now I want to do a marionette…making his head, arms and legs on strings..I have figured out how to do the joints BUT HERE IS MY PROBLEM…can I sew the clothes from sheets of felt? I have never tried the wet felting yet, so I can’t do that…I will have to make the pattern for the shirt, jacket, pants and hat.Will that still qualify it for being Needle Felted? I would rather not say what it will be, until finished. Any ideas to help me are truly appreciated. Please help me feel more at ease.
    Thank you


    • Hi Flory,

      If the clothes are sewn from sheets of commercial felt, the entire “work” would not be “100% needle felted”, but what matter? It is hand-crafted and dreamed up by you! Remember one of the few lines we stand firm on at Living Felt…THERE ARE NO RULES IN ART! :O) Have fun! Make it come to life how you see it in your mind, and most of all, enjoy the process ~ that’s what its there for 🙂 xxoo, Marie


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