An Expression of the Seasons

Dorie Ellzey Blesoff  created these four panels to correspond to the meaning of the seasons.

Each panel represents one season, and the time of day/night that most closely connects to my feeling of that season.  I created them all in the same location, but a different season, over the course of a year and a half.  Each panel has features that resemble the geographic area in which I created them (woods, lake, paths), yet each one has its own design based on the feeling of that season.

Winter = Reflection
Spring = Reawakening
Summer = Renewing
Fall = Releasing


She explains her process and inspiration. With the exception of winter, she created these pieces outdoors.

1. “As above, so below,” starts in the sky for winter (pearls sewn in) are also seen as sparkles on the water, or the colors of the sunrise in spring are also seen in the colors of the flowers on the ground, etc.  

2. The time of day corresponding to the season, so winter is night, fall is twilight, spring is sunrise and summer is high noon.


Dorie was encouraged to be creative from an early age.  She’s done pottery, carving (on pottery and wood), and she is primarily a musician – singer/song-writer since the age of 12.  Her CD’s are available through her website.

Dorie explains her move towards felting:

I learned to felt as part of a special retreat in Western Ireland in 2008, to help us integrate our experience of each day.  I have experimented a bit since then, and discovered this landscape felting two years ago.  I have had fun buying roving from people who raise their own alpacas and sheep, and finding wonderful colors with which to express the colors of each season.



  1. These are absolutely wonderful – I have been working on something similar – I especially appreciate the birch branch frames – never seen anything else that compliments better – love them!


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