Voyager – The felted video game for iphone and ipad!

Ken Amarit is an artist/programmer in New York City  who reads every Living Felt newsletter to see what everyone has created.
Ken used Living Felt wool and supplies to create a unique and entertaining video game app. for the iphone an ipad!

This post shows some snapshots, and at the bottom is a link to a video sample of the game,
plus it will take you the site where you can download it for yourself! 

Regarding seeing what others create in the newsletters, Ken says, “It’s always very inspiring.” 

“My creation is a video game that I needle felted for iphone and ipad, and the supplies I used were a ton of 38’s, sometimes taped together, and about 80% of the colors in the 6 pack starter pack.  My favorites are the purples/berries.

“Also I used a bunch of raw wool and foam. So it’s sort of a hybrid creation.

Check out the video. Ken’s little rocket is hard at work shooting beads while dodging all kinds of creatures! What creative fun!

Watch the Game!

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