These Sweet Treats are Calorie Free and Full of Love

Carolyn Neff created a cupcake bunny made from 100% merino cross batt.  This tiny delight stands 5″ tall and has glass bead eyes. She is wearing a white cotton crochet dress and matching bloomers with light pink trim. A pink bow is woven through her dress and tied in the back. A small pink ribbon headband completes her sweet features. Her clothing is not removable.

Jaci is a little grey mouse standing 4″ tall. She is dressed in her pink cotton crochet one piece PJs with cute little bunny slippers! They are completely needle felted onto her little feet. Jaci is needle felted.  She has black glass bead eyes that are securely sewn to the head. Jaci’s clothing/slippers are NOT removable.  Jaci’s yummy cupcake measures 2.5″ X 2.5″ and is calorie free! This cupcake is stuffed with polyester fiber-fill. It is hand sewn with acrylic printed felt sheets. 100% merino cross is needle felted on top for icing! It’s all hand stitched and adorned with blanket-stitch edging and wool accents! Jaci can be with her sweet treat, or the cupcake can be used as a pin cushion. Quilter’s pins are attached to the cupcake to represent sprinkles.

What perfect little treats from our felting friend, Carolyn Neff, AKA Sneffca.

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