Keeper of the Stones


Celebrating Celtic New Year with the Keeper of the Stones

According to Jude, Halloween or Samhain is Celtic New Year. It’s a festival all about all about ancestors, and a  time to honor those that went before us and make them offerings.
It is also a time of going into darkness – to dream dreams of what we want in life. To look at life with a different perspective, to let go of what doesn’t work for us and to dream in those things in life that make our heart sing –  before it’s time to plant the seeds of our hopes and dreams.

This doll is called ‘Keeper of the Stones’ and she has stood guarding the sacred circle of standing stones for generations. People would make a pilgrimage to the stones to ask for something but always giving thanks.

“To make her I used Living Felt core wool and my favorite star 38 needle on a black soy based foam which helps me work with white wool.

Jude Lally lives in Asheville, NC and her company is Celtic Soul Craft and she holds a shop on Etsy.

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