The Great Pumpkin Patch!



Caroline Neff, aka Sneffca really loves needle felting and she had a great fun bringing to life the childhood memory of the Charles M. Shultz Peanut character, Linus alive with needle felting.

She shared a little more on the making of these fun and adorable characters: “I used various types of wool, including Merino cross batt, norwegian C1, and prefelt wool sheets in construction of the clothing.  Strands of hand dyed mohair were used for hair.  The picture wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins for the Great Pumpkin patch!  I made the pumpkins from some left over wool blends from my crochet projects.  I remember seeing a youtube tutorial a while back on it.  I rolled them up into small balls and covered them with bright orange Bhedawool.  Then I put them inside pantyhose, one at a time and knotting between each one.  I machine washed and dryed them and my pumpkins were ready for the final touches.  Using that method, they were really not good candidates for needle felting —  they were very tough and solid.  So I used a strong needle and embroidery thread and made the lines on the pumpkins.  I was able to get a little hint of green felted in the stem areas.  The little pumpkins are very sturdy… you can probably throw them like a rock! I think they came out very nicely, however, my preference would be to omit the wool blend/yarn part and just use core wool instead.”

Linus is joined by his faithful friend, Charlie Brown who is also needle felted.

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